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REAL Caramel Apple-Tini



Not until now have bartenders been able to make a REAL, GENUINE, caramel apple-tini.  Our one-of-a-kind, all caramel, non-creamy caramel liqueur, makes it possible to do just that; creating a real caramel apple-tini without using Buttershots or in this case Butter Scotch.  No Squeezing caramel from a plastic bottle to produce a caramel flavor either.  Caramel is caramel and Buttershots is Butter lets make a REAL Caramel Apple-Tini. 


Shaker - Martini Glass - kkAda - Schnapps Green Apple Pucker - Vodka - Midori Sour - Sugar - Apple Slice

In a shaker of ice: Add 1oz. kkAda - 1oz. Schnapps Green Apple Pucker - 1/2oz. vodka - 1/2oz. Midori Sour. Sugar one half of martini glass. Shake, strain and pour. GARNISH: Slice of apple. WOW...a real caramel apple-tini!