kkAda & Desserts


OK...once again, this is not a drink recipe BUT.... kkAda is as good in the kitchen as it is in the bar.  Caramelizing sauses, caramelizng onions as well as dribbling kkAda over countless desserts: Vanilla ice cream, Bananna Foster, Berry cobler, Cheese Cake , Apple pie,  Creme Brulee, Breaded Pudding and so much more....did someone say: "kkAda Crepes" or "kkAda French Toast"...OMG!  kkAda mixed into cup-cake frosting for "Salted Caramel Cup Cakes"...YES Indeed.


kkAda is one of the most versatile liqueurs to come along in 100 years!  Caramel is the third most requested flavor on the planet, AND No..... this flavor is not seasonal.  Caramel is Caramel all year around!  Caramel on desserts is GOOD: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!