kkAda Caramel Pudding Shots


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This is the bomb of all pudding shots!  A sure hit at any party or gathering!

This pudding shot is to LIVE for!  NOTE: This recipe can be view on YouTube, search kkAda Caramel, then click on the video for this recipe.  Enjoy!


Small box vanilla instant pudding mix - milk - kkAda Caramel - vodka - Cool Whip - large zip-lock bag - Scissors - 1 oz. plastic cups with tops. 

1- small box vanilla instant pudding mix - 3/4 cup milk - 1/4 cup kkAda - 1/4 cup vodka - 1 cup Cool Whip. Mix the pudding, milk and alcohol. Then add and blend 1 cup of Cool Whip, mix until well blended (no lumps). Pour into 1 oz. cups. or Put mixture into large zip-lock bag. Cut corner off bottom of bag (1/4 inch hole), squeeze content into cups. Cover cups and put into freezer to firm before serving. This recipe makes: 13-14 shots.