kkAda Caramel "a la mode"


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kkAda Caramel "a la mode" is becoming more and more popular at restaurants and bars around the country.  The reason way is because this caramel liqueur, on vanilla ice cream is out-of-this WORLD!  Dribbling kkAda over vanilla ice cream (a la mode) adds so much flavor to a dessert, you will have your guests, oohing and ahing over your caramel adaptation, and your culinary genius!  Fantastic dribbled over ice cream, but also delicious dribbled over any dessert.

Pictured Above: Two desserts "a la mode".  On the Left, Red Ribbon Velvet Cake, and on the Right, German Chocolate Cake, both with kkAda dribbled over the top for a "a la mode" kkAda Caramel delight!


Simply dribble kkAda over any ice cream or dessert of your choosing!


Ice Cream - kkAda Caramel Liqueur