kkAda & BACON ! ! !


                    kkAda Bacon_0.PNG   Driver Banger.PNG

Sure, they say: "Anything is good with bacon", and YES, kkAda is good with just about anything, but kkAda & bacon, well that's just mouth-watering delicious!  kkAda Caramel Bacon Burgers, kkAda Caramel Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies, kkAda Caramel Bacon pieces on salads, kkAda Caramel Bacon strips in "Bloody Marys", kkAda Caramel Bacon strips in a "Screw Driver", called a "Bacon Driver".  Oh yes, and just plain good-old kkAda Caramel Bacon & eggs!  Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!  kkAda, kkAda, kkAda!  And now you have a PAda, PAda, PAda, or Party, Party, Party!  IT'S YUM on the GUMS!


TWO WAYs to enjoy kkAda Caramel Bacon: (1) Fry it up in a pan as normal, add a little kkAda to the process. (2) Fry your bacon up as normal (do not add kkAda in the pan).  Then dribble a little kkAda down the center of the bacon and put the bacon on a microwave safe plate and microwave for 20-25 seconds to infuse the caramel flavor into the bacon. (called restaurant style kkAda Bacon)

kkAda Caramel Bacon..."You haven't LIVED until you try "kkAda Caramel Bacon" ! ! !


Bacon & kkAda