kkAda Glazed TOFU

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There are many ways to enjoy TOFU, but kkAda Glazed TOFU, well this is a tasty twist!  So we have many kkAda fans out there, and some are vegan, and they say glazing meats may be delicious, but we don't eat meat.  That's OK, many ways to glaze with kkAda that does not involve meat.  Glaxed avocados, fruit, and yes GLAZED TOFU!  We love Glazed TOFU, and we know you will too.  So give it a try!


Cook your TOFU as normal, and simply glaze your TOFU with a silicon brush.  Some people like to cut slices in their TOFU to let the Caramel Liqueur penetrate the TOFU.  Others like to cut their TOFU into small bite-size squares and fry their TOFU adding kkAda to the mix and seasonings.  However you enjoy preparing your TOFU, just add a little kkAda!


kkAda Caramel Liqueur - TOFU