kkAda CCR Shot (Super Shooter Series)

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CCR Shooter (Caramel - Chocolate - Raspberry)  This Two-Tier Caramel Shooter is part of our "Super Shooters Series".  This dangerously delicious shot is so smooth, it will certainly become one of your favorites.  It is quickly becoming one of the most requested shooters in the Pacific Northwest!  This shot tastes just like the old chocolate covered raspberry-jelly sticks, you had as a child.  We promise it will bring back delicious memories from the past!  Use this shot to get your party started...just say CCR please!


kkAda Caramel Liqueur - Dark Godiva Chocolate (non-creamy) - Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

In a shot glass, first add kkAda, 1/3rd of the shot glass. 2nd third, add Godiva Dark Chocolate by using a butter knife. Touch the knife blade to the side of the shot glass and slide it down to just touch the top of the caramel layer. Slowly dribble the dark chocolate on the flat blade, raising the blade as you add this layer. Now the last 3rd. Using the same technique as the last layer, touch the knife blade to the top of the chocolate layer and dribble the raspberry liqueur while you raise the knife blade for the final layer. Both the chocolate and raspberry layers will float on the caramel layer, making it look like a two-tier shot. IMPORTANT: All three products used to make this two-tier shot must be at room temperature.