Caramel & Brown Sugar Shrimp

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kkAda Caramel & Brown Sugar Shrimp, Louisiana/Texas Style!  Next time you think barbecued SHRIMP...plug in this fabulous recipe!  When it comes to pairing food with alcohol...pair and prepare this delicious combo, kkAda Caramel & Shrimp!


In a plastic or glass marinating dish add 1/4 cup of kkAda (more if needed).  Add deveined shrimp with shell and sprinkle with brown sugar (2 tbs) marinate for 35-40 minutes.  Save leftover marinating sauce.  Place shrimp on barbecue (350 degrees) and barbecue each side for 3 minutes.  Option: With remaining caramel/brown sugar sauce, you can glaze with a brush the shrimp as it cooks.  Remove and enjoy!  Babba has a SMILE on his FACE!  


kkAda Caramel Liqueur - Brown Sugar - Shrimp